I don’t think some of you understand how serious this is. DirectX 10 is not just an upgrade from DirectX 9, it is the future of the future. Just look at the difference:

FS 9
Microsoft Flight Simulator in DirectX9

Same shot in DirectX 10

Age of Conan DirectX 9

The same screen in DirectX 10.

I don’t really have too much to say about these screens. I could give you a million specs but it’s easier to just look and see the difference. In the end, that’s all that matters. I’ll leave you with these screens from the up-comming DirectX 10 game Crysis. The real images are on the left, the in-game screenshots are on the right. DirectX 10 is unbelievable.

Here’s where to get your DirectX 10 graphics cards:


I’ll be getting one of these myself. There are other brands that offer DirectX 10 cards. I like the EVGA because they are the premiere partners with NVIDIA and they are all overclocked right out of the box. Send me some comments!