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Archive for April 20th, 2007 ↓

The MegaVision MV220 LCD Monitor

What a beauty! Looking to go big on screen size and value, without breaking the bank? The MegaVision 22-inch LCD monitor is your ticket to widescreen heaven. This unit is HD-Ready and we’ve even added a component input to accentuate high quality video display. Enjoy smooth video and speedy gameplay with 5ms response time that […]

Home Lyfe: Logitech Noise Canceling Headphones

With SilentSound high-parametric noise canceling technology and custom-fitted ear cushions, Logitech’s Noise Canceling Headphones reduce outside distractions so you can enjoy each word and every note. Large 40mm neodymium drivers produce crisp, dynamic sound when you’re in the mood for music, while the detachable audio cable allows you to create a quiet environment when you’re […]

Breaking the GooglePlex (or) Growing Up Google

Depending on who you ask, Google accounts for between 40 and 50-something percent of the search engine market (add in Yahoo and MSN and the figure jumps to around 90 percent). And rightly so—the service gives speedy results and has a very good user interface.