Video continues to grow at an ever increasing rate online – it’s in everyone’s lives, but video email continues to suffer from a lack of high quality and the dreaded attachment. Private messages via YouTube and other services don’t provide that ‘instant’ feeling for a video communication, so EyeJot has come onto the scene, providing a great facility for video communication through an innovate non-download client that provides ease of use and great other features too.

Stumbling across EyeJot today during my travels, I was quite impressed by their Web 2.0 spirit and the service they are offering is quite functional – and free. The image below shows a sample of the quality of the video communications available through the EyeJot service.

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Free Service from EyeJot!

Sign up today for EyeJot, it’s free and will provide you a great new service to better communicate with your family, friends and the occasional random web visitor to your website – or MySpace page!

Watch for the launch of the TigerDirect EyeJot module on TigerDirect News – providing you the ability to instantly provide us with your questions, feedback and other video messages – to share with others and get your answers from our hosts – at TigerTV!