Cybertron PCs are an American Company out of Kansas City that's making quality, performance oriented PCs for less!Today, the PC manufacturing world is dominated by big-name builders that are little different from one another, at least from a consumer standpoint. This is why it’s refreshing to learn about an American based PC manufacturing company called Cybertron PC. They offer computers from the most basic to absolute high-end applications like enterprise machines and rackmount servers. But it’s the attention to detail that sets Cybertron apart from the competition.

Home-Grown Kansas City Computers
Cybertron PCs (all of them) are manufactured in the United States at the company’s Kansas City Headquarters. Keeping the company in America instead of following the industry-outsourcing trend has helped keep prices for these nifty machines low. Cybertron also keeps its tech support in-house, ensuring that knowledgeable staff are always around to help you, no matter what’s gone wrong. The Cybertron PC comes with a lifetime warranty—another great reason this is one of the up and coming computing manufacturers in the United States.

Attention Paid to Every Detail
The key to Cybertron’s fame is the attention to detail that’s put into each build, regardless of whether it’s a high-end gaming platform or just a second PC for the house. One of the new models features a separate in-case housing for the majority of computer components and the power supply, the main source of ambient heat in a computer. Even when a CPU is not churning away at your data, a power supply is always providing energy (read: heat) to your machine. Cybertron’s separation of these two components, along with the addition of dedicated exhaust vents for each section, ensure that these PCs will last longer than the competition (and look great too!). Check out the Cybertron lineup of PCs at today, and pickup one of these affordably priced, serious PC contenders today!

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