Fuji FinePix A610 Digital CameraWith 6.3 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom lens, your digital pictures have never looked this professional! Point, shoot, save, and download digital memories with the Fuji FinePix A610 Digital Camera. You can preview a shot or peruse your stored photographs using the easy-on-the-eyes 2.5 inch LCD display located on the back of the camera. Basic functions are easy to operate with the mode dial selector, and 14 scene position modes optimize camera performance!

There are tons of high-tech features that make this digital camera a cut above the rest! And if you have multiple devices that vary in flash memory technology, the A610 features an xD/SD compatible slot! This new capability assures compatibility with a wider variety of applications than ever before, and allows users to choose the media technology that is right for them. Don’t get stuck with a digital camera that leaves you in the dark. Get Fuji’s FinePix A610 digital camera-and take better pictures!

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