Cyber Snipa is a Gaming-class peripherals manufacturer that is taking pot shots at the competitionComputer gaming is a high-performance niche culture within the world of PC enthusiasts. These “gamers” put in long hours developing their game and honing their skills. This elite group of game players won’t settle for average computer equipment, either. That’s where a few companies like Cyber Snipa come in. Cyber Snipa develops high quality performance peripherals that aid in a gamer’s pursuit of virtual perfection.

The Right People Make the Right Products
Established in 1998 by a group of individuals that bring together specialized expertise in the fields of injection molding, electronic component design, electroluminescent technology, and industrial design processes. One aspect of the company called Flexglow specializes in the development and manufacture of custom PCs and gaming accessory products. With partnerships and strategic alliances in Europe, the U.S., South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom, they are well provisioned to pursue the company’s key focus: meeting the needs of the ever changing, ever growing gaming industry.

Watch Out For Cyber Snipa
Cyber Snipa products may appear similar to that of the competition. But with input devices designed to have the highest available sensitivity of anything on the market, support equipment like illuminated and aluminum gaming mouse pads, and other great features built into seemingly innocuous computer equipment, this company produces peripherals that are poised to make the gamers that use them champions of their domain.

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