Iomega makes all kinds of storage devices--Large, small, portable, and LAN to name a fewThe computer electronics industry is full of flash-in-the-pan companies, here today, and gone the next. It is important to note that Iomega is not one of those companies. They have been established since 1980, and have for some time now been amongst the gold standard of a multitude of storage devices and data preservation solutions. As the leading manufacturer of smart, portable storage equipment, Iomega provides personal storage solutions to help people manage their important information—no matter where they are.

With a very wide selection of tools and equipment available, there’s something in the Iomega arsenal for everyone. From portable personal hard drives that fit in your pocket to NAS storage solutions for small business and download happy family households, Iomega is the source you need. They are always rolling out new products and services. Case in point: Iomega not only manufactures hard drives of almost every variety, the San Francisco based outfit also have spearheaded new data recovery practices in Europe and in the United States. And while Iomega continues to expand, they’ve managed to maintain a commitment to detail and quality that makes their products unrivaled across the board.

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