Youtube can change your destiny!As you must know by now, is more than just a site to share videos of comedic mistakes or to research your next ultra-cool purchase. While there has been a rush to post on the ‘tube by anyone who wants to be seen as hip, (Presidential hopefuls, anyone?) the Youtube phenomenon has produced success stories around the globe. One of those is from a little town in Spokane Washington, where Luke Barats and Joe Bereta attended Gonzaga College.

These two film and theater majors met at the college’s improve troupe. When coursework dictated that they create sketch comedy videos, they naturally obliged. Curious family back home wanted to know what their hard earned tuition money was paying for, so the duo uploaded their assignments to their own personal website. But lo and behold, the family could not download (or view, whichever happened to be the case) the video format. Someone told the pair about, so they posted there. Everything was still calm and quiet, until a Mother’s Day sketch upped their hit volume from hundreds to thousands. One of the amused surfers was a manager from far away Hollywood. The rest is history.

Now the two have signed a contract with said manager, and will soon create a pilot to air on NBC. They are in negotiations with Major studios to create a feature film. Not bad for a pair of lads from Montana and Idaho. They accredit their success to luck, but we’ll go ahead and give that all-important nod to, one of the sites integral in the launching of our own and our ongoing TigerTV video project. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll see us in Hollywood.