Pictures don't do this LCD HDTV justice...Check out Logan's Review of this 1080p monster!TigerTV host Logan is going to show you just how sharp your TV can be…with an upgrade to the Samsung LN-T4661F HDTV LCD flat panel display, of course. Here’s the deal: this is unlike most of the LCD televisions out there. The displays that often boast “HDTV” are often only capable of displaying 720p signals. This is still an incredibly sharp image, with high definition content, color, and clarity. But it’s still not quite capable of flawlessly reproducing the most detailed signal currently used by ultra high definition products like HD DVD and Blu-Ray disks. Those, along with select HD programming, are displayed in 1080p (or 1080i for HD programming via cable or satellite). This Samsung LN-T4661F has 1080 vertical pixels, (those are the ones that matter) making it capable of displaying 1080p signals. The “p” in 1080p stands for progressive scan. This means that all the pixel information for a single frame of onscreen action is sent all at once. (For comparison: 1080i means that the pixel information for a single frame on a 1080 pixel screen is sent half at a time, one burst right after another.)

There’s more to this amazing set than just the resolution, or we wouldn’t be featuring it. The Samsung LCD Logan’s raving about has a new technology incorporated into it called Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes. These fluorescent bulbs (like in all LCD TVs) provide the light that makes the colors glow so brilliantly. But the special technology within the design of these bulbs make for colors that other LCDs can’t even produce, let alone duplicate. And this Samsung LCD is equipped with 3 HDMI inputs, so you can connect your Television input, High definition gaming console, and HD DVD or Blu-Ray player at once, without having to turn this off here and that off there…you get the picture. This Television is one of the sets the Flat Panel revolution can be proud of, and it’ll make friends, neighbors, and visiting family extremely jealous. So check it out!

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