An iPod SpeakerDock that's as portable and attractive as the MP3 player that inspired it? Yes!Since the advent of the iconic iPod, the undisputed ruler of the portable MP3 player arena, there’s been a storm of all-in-one speaker systems. I don’t much go in for “gimmick” speaker sets. Make mine loud, big, and ugly. But TigerTV host Jacia has found an iPod speaker dock that is downright attractive, even to audiophiles like me. The Logitech AudioStation Express Speaker System can play an iPod docked right on the top, and includes a cord that’ll connect any non-Apple MP3 player. If you’ve even got one of those. But there’s a ton of features that make this speaker set impressive. Check out Jacia’s Review!

The Logitech AudioStation Express Speaker system has an adapter so that you can plug it into the wall. But that wouldn’t make it very portable, would it? It takes 6 AAA batteries (yikes!) and can play for 10 hours off of the juice those batteries provide. Road trips, vacations, even at work or school, the Logitech AudioStation Express Speaker System will take the earphones out of your iPod equation. It even has a remote and handy protective carrying case, so you can relax at the beach, hotel, or wherever without getting up. Finally, an iPod (and other MP3 player) accessory that looks as good as the product that inspired it!

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