Check out this Video Blog of the Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote!All remote controls are NOT created equal. When it comes to a conversation stopping, channel surfing, DVD disc popping, impress your houseguests machine, look no further than the Harmony 1000 from Logitech. Long a manufacturer of quality PC and multimedia components, Logitech also makes high-end remote controls. But the Harmony 1000 is not so much a remote control but a mission control for a truly out of this world Home theater system. If you have an 18-Inch CRT television and a cable box, this remote is not for you. In fact, it probably costs more than the previously mentioned TV. But this little monster is worth it!

This handheld showstopper will have your guests whispering jealously near the bean dip.Now, the Harmony 1000 is not your point and click stick, covered in rubber buttons that are backlit (ooooh!) so you can see them better. This remote features a brilliant 3.5-Inch Touch Screen LCD Display. The Harmony 1000 is able to break down even the most sophisticated AV components into one touch, activity based controls. Patented Smart State Technology makes sure that a single unit controls all your components, without programming macros. On-screen activity icons do all the work for you—just press the onscreen button!

The Harmony 1000′s sleek shape and brushed aluminum surfaces will look right at home as the centerpiece of your digital living room. One remote is all you’ll need to control even the most complex home entertainment systems. And when used together with a Harmony RF Wireless Extender (sold separately), you can further reduce clutter by placing your components out of sight. If you have a home theater system worth bragging about, then pick up the Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal RemoteSince the remote can transmit both infrared and radio frequency commands, you can control equipment inside a cabinet or even in the next room. TigerTV host Logan will go through all the great features of this remote. Remember, this is the end-all of home theater universal remotes. If you only install the best, don’t control it with a device manufactured by the rest. Choose a Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote!

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