While most offices have finally gotten over the CRT curve and LCDs, and even in a large number of offices dual LCDs, are everywhere. This attributes to the 21st century work ethic, multi-tasking demands of the current workplace and the need to be online, in your email, Word and other applications simultaneously for instant access in our ever more so ‘instant’ lives.

Microsoft demonstrated the future digital desk in a Microsoft Center for Information presentation. According to the Engadget report, it will provide “..multi-touch display, document digitizer, speech recognition engine, and ability to resize objects on the fly..”

Tom Cruise may have been a preview in Minority Report… but Microsoft is making it a reality. Similar efforts were previously reported by CNET, with air traffic control and other applications.

“The mouse has had a good run, but it’s time to say good-bye,” said John Underkoffler, the founder and chief scientist of Oblong Industries at a “Cinema, Science and Innovation” presentation.

Originally spotted over at Engadget.