pinnacle-pctv-whole-kit.jpgIt might sound like a mouthful, but the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick is actually quite small. It’s no bigger than an average USB device, but it does way more than the run of the mill Flash drive or wireless mouse Dongle. It IS TV! Yes. Windows Vista is packed with ill features that let you manipulate your Multimedia experience to your heart’s content. But one snag: it’s hard to get television to play on your laptop. Good Luck finding one with a UHF plug. That’s where Pinnacle shines.

While previous incarnations of TV capture devices have been expensive and ungainly, the PCTV HD Stick is not. But it still pulls television right out of the air and onto your PC. And if you are in an area where there’s no cable, or you use an antenna to receive television, not to worry. The Pinnacle HD Stick comes with an attachable antennae that can magnetize to a metallic surface. Think TV in your car on long road trips. Now you’re getting excited, huh? Sr. Editor Lonny from TigerTV has taken one of these out for a spin. Check out his video review, then get over to and pick one up for yourself. It’s an inexpensive and elegant way to get Television on your Vista Laptop.

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