ASUS P5K3 Deluxe Edition Socket 775 MotherboardThere are plenty of motherboard manufacturers out there. The one that doesn’t need an introduction (at least for those that know) is ASUS. They have been setting the standard for quality and customizable motherboards for years. The P5K3 Deluxe edition Socket 775 motherboard is no exception. In fact, it’s as impressive as anything else they’ve produced.

The P5k3 series is designed to provide outstanding features for dedicated PC enthusiasts. The Deluxe version (awesome.) has built in native DDR2 support for 1066 FSB speeds. It’s also overclockable via ultra high frequency–all to achieve DDR2 speeds of 1400. And that still leaves the board running quiet thermal solutions. Those solutions include the 8 phase power design, as well as Stack Cool 2 (An ASUS technology) and advanced Heat pipe design for quick temperature dissipation.

No one really wants to read all the specs and goodies contained within a motherboard review. That’s why we turned TigerTV host Logan loose on the ASUS P5K3 Deluxe edition. Check it out, then get yourself over to and pick yourself up one. Get your next build started right. It’s easy–just watch this vid!

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