Acer AL2223WD 22-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorIf you’re still watching a Cathode Ray Tube television in your living room or bedroom, we’ll forgive you. But there’s really no excuse to still clog up the space in your work area or PC table at home. This is especially so if your desktop PC is located in a part of your office, cubicle, or home where space is at a premium. Several years ago, when LCD monitors first became popular, there was a significantly prohibitive cost barrier that kept the Average Joe from buying one. now offers a host of LCD monitors that cost less than $200.00 dollars.

For most applications, there are no advantages of CRT monitors over LCD flat panels. So you are plum out of excuses. Let us introduce you to a small fraction of the LCDs available through I guarantee that you’ll see something that fits your computer usage—no matter what that entails.

HP L1706 17-Inch LCD Monitor
HP L1706 17-Inch LCD MonitorOne of the newest additions to HP’s redesigned line of entry-level flat panel monitors, the HP L1706 Flat Panel Monitor delivers high resolution and business-class quality in a 17-inch flat panel—at a highly competitive price. The HP L1706 monitor displays text and graphics with a maximum 1280 x 1024 resolution, which allows you to view more data and applications simultaneously. While it’s not a widescreen monitor, it is of very high quality for a very low price. If you aren’t into games or graphics-intensive applications like adobe photoshop of video editing software, but still want to see everything the way you should, this is an excellent monitor for consideration.

HP 17-Inch LCD Monitor/>The HP L1706 has a wide 140-degree viewing angle, which means that you can see the screen from a wider range of seating positions without compromising image quality. The combination of 300 nit brightness levels and 500:1 contrast ratio produces sharp, crisp text and images. This not the best that LCD monitors have to offer, but on the other hand, this HP LCD monitor will cost you less than your average iPod. Fast response times provide superior clarity for moving images, preventing ghosting or those annoying “jaggies”—bits of image information that lag and therefore appear as rogue pixels on the following frame. The HP L1706 is the perfect example of how you no longer have to sacrifice an inch of quality in order to get a great looking LCD monitor for your workstation or home PC. For the money, this is one of the best deals out there, period.<br />
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Hanns-G HW-194DJB 19-Inch Widescreeen Monitor
Hanns-G 19-Inch LCD MonitorOkay, so the world has gone Widescreen. We don’t blame you if you refuse to buy another 4:3 aspect ratio display of any kind. Believe me, we love us some Widescreen content, too. That’s why there’s a stampede of LCD Widescreen monitors (and TVs, for that matter!) available at The Hanns-G HW-194DJB 19-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor is just one of them.

If you want a monitor that goes beyond your expectations but is still affordable to the average computer user, this is the one. With an active matrix TFT monitor capable of dazzling 1440×900 WXGA resolution, you won’t miss a thing. This Hanns-G LCD boasts a 700:1 contrast ratio as well as 300-nit brightness rating, so text (and everything else!) shows up crystal clear. Still frame information doesn’t mean much for LCD monitors—The dot pitch (also called pixel pitch) is .283mm, a respectable number for a monitor in this price range, and the HW-194DJB has a 5ms response time. That means the screen refreshes plenty fast enough to handle movies and high-end video gaming.

Widescreen Display from more angles than most...and still relatively affordable.With generous 150/135-degree viewing angles, you’ll have a comfortable vantage point to see this Hanns-G monitor’s vividly realistic images that will make your computing a pleasure. Anti-glare-Hardcoating panel treatment reduces eyestrain and viewer fatigue. The versatile Hanns·G HW-194DJB features D-Sub 15 pin (VGA) and DVI-D (Digital) inputs and comes complete with D-Sub 15 cable, power cable, user manual and quick start guide. For a 19-Inch widescreen monitor that will perform beyond your expectations, choose the Hanns-G HW-194DJB 19-Inch LCD monitor.

vx2435wm-lcd.jpgViewSonic VX2435wm 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDMI
Perhaps you’ve got the budget to play with the big boys. Then you want the ViewSonic VX2435wm 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor. This ViewSonic monitor will transform your desktop into an Entertainment Center fit for any multimedia nut. ViewSonic makes some of the most impressive LCD monitors on the market, and the VX2435 has the technology and design specs to prove it. Increase your productivity with more on-screen space to work with. Experience your games like you’ve never seen them before—with intense HD definition.

Cinematic 16:9 widescreen will have you drooling over this Viewsonic LCD in no time.This ViewSonic LCD has 1920×1200 non-interlaced resolution, an 8ms response time, and an incredible 1000:1 contrast ratio. It’s also got integrated stereo speakers, but that isn’t the hardware that makes this monitor special. It’s the input options that make this monitor a well-rounded, completely designed visual PC platform. It has 15-point D-sub, S-Video, Component and Composite connections, and HDMI. This is key; without HDMI, this would just be a monitor. But with the all-digital connection capable of true High Definition signal transfer with zero quality degradation, you can connect any new model video input device (like HD DVDs or upconverting DVD players) directly, without interfering with your computer connection.

If we haven’t showed you a LCD Monitor that tickles your fancy, it’s just because my fingers are tired and I don’t want to make the TigerTV hosts review any more LCD monitors. Go to and check out our plethora of Flat Panel LCD displays. If you’re satisfied with your CRT Monitor, then there’s no hope for you. But think of your family and friends! Join the flat panel revolution and get that clunky cube off of your desktop real estate—before it’s too late.

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