MSI P6N Diamond nForce 680i MotherboardAre you looking to build a PC with multiple monitors, or have your sights set on a truly impressive graphics machine? You might want to consider the MSI P6N Diamon NForce 680i Socket 775 motherboard. Designed to run the fastest multi core chips from Intel including the Core 2 Duos and the Quad Core Series, this board has gotten consistently high reviews across the web, and while is not rated as the fastest board in the west (ONLY 1333 FSB right out of the box), the P6N Diamond has features that set it apart from the rest.

For one, there’s FOUR PCI express x16 slots. Graphics cards, anyone? I’ll leave plotting and scheming about what to do with that many of the large-size PCIe slots to you. There’s also a great bundle of operational software that comes hardwired to the board called Dual CoreCell. Short Version: Dual CoreCell improves performance and precision overall. Niiiiiice. Also on-board is a Soundblaster audio card for incredible sound. You’ll save yourself alot of money not buying this card yourself. It shares the rest of the system’s memory, but still–If you don’t have enough with this board’s capacity, then that’s your fault.

Don’t take my word for it–TigerTV host Logan knows a whole lot more about system building than I, and he’s managed to get his hands on this impressive MSI ‘board. He’ll tell you all about it; just watch his video review below. And if you still want to know more, just email him! His address is posted at the end of every video.

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