seagate-freeagent.jpgNeed portable storage? There’s tons of options out there. But there are very few portable storage devices with features as usable and well rounded as the Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB Portable USB Hard Drive. With it, you can take more than just your movies, data, and digital pictures with you. You can take a “snapshot” (if you will) of your whole computer.

That’s because the Seagate FreeAgent Go has unique software technology that safely and securely takes your passwords, desktop settings, even favorite browser information with you wherever you wander. So even if you haven’t brought your password key (I know, No one is supposed to write down his or her passwords. But let’s be serious.) or remember that exact web address, you’ll have it with you. And that’s just the most obvious use of this kind of software. With your imagination, the workload and productivity possibilities are endless.

This software doesn’t leave any of your valuable and sensitive information behind on the host computer, either. Your passwords are as safe as if you left them at home. There’s 160GB of storage space, too. That’s more than quite a few laptops out there. And the Seagate FreeAgent Go is completely powered by the USB 2.0 port on whatever computer you’ve plugged it into, so there’s no need to carry around more than the USB cable. If you’ve graduated from USB Flash Drives to craving something a little more roomy, and also like the idea of never having to reset the computer you’re working on to your liking, give the Seagate FreeAgent Go a shot. With several size configurations available, you won’t ever leave home without it again.

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