It isn’t easy to find a Notebook PC worth a salt for 500 bucks or less. But that’s why is here, after all: to offer you great prices on everything from Flat Panel Televisions to Laptops that fit your needs, as well as your budget.

The Gateway MX3701 Refurbished Laptop PC is a good example of such a computer. Unlike many bargain basement PCs, this one comes with enough power and system resources to handle your needs easily.

For starters, it has an Intel Core Duo T2050 processor that is part of a centrino hardware package. (Centrino ensures that the motherboard, chipset, and processor are all optimally compatible.) The CPU is capable of 1.6Ghz speeds and has a 533Mhz FSB rating. There’s 1GB of true DDR2 memory, enough to properly run Windows Vista should you find yourself itching for an upgrade in the future. It’s also a surprisingly generous amount, for the price.

Other features include 80GB of storage space, a capable HDD that’ll hold a large amount of multimedia like Movies, pictures, music files, and more (You could even save some work-related stuff on there like spreadsheets or word documents, too!) so you can bring your collection with you. And the MX3701 Refurbished Laptop comes running Windows XP Media Center, so different uses for this notebook abound.

The Coup de Gras is a Dual Layer DVD burner and optical drive, so you can watch (and record) to the highest-density DVD media this side of Blue Laser Discs. USB, RJ-45 ports, multiple video and audio ins and outs, and even a media card reader make this laptop a steal for fewer than 500 dollars. Get one for yourself, a family member, or someone you love. You’ll thank you. They’ll thank you. And of course, we’ll thank you!

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