I’m going to build my own computer with the 680i motherboard, but I’m not yet sure which one to go with :).

I’ve seen some of the Tiger Direct videos and during the review of the 680I SE, it was mentioned that the SE version was “optimized” for the core 2 duo. I would be using the E6700. It was also mentioned that the SE has a 1066 FSB, whereas the LT (cheaper as well) is using the 1333 FSB. Of course the LT does not include the extra pci e slot and extra gigabit (what else?)

EVGA is notorious for its overclocking capabilities, but is it simple? Seeing as its an NVIDIA motherboard, will I be able to use Ntune or should I get into the BIOS way of doing it?

Also, I am planning on building a midrange system, so which motherboard do I go with? Perhaps the SE because I will be able to add a PhysX card and is “optimized” for core 2, or LT which is cheaper, but has higher FSB? If not, what does the 680i have to offer over those two?

PS: Am I crazy or does the LT have a 1333FSB and the SE 1066 FSB (what about the regular 680i?)

maybe I missed something, so if possible, please help me out.

I am definitely going for a 680i, so which one I will choose will be up to all of your feedback,

thank you :)

PPS: which manufacturer is best overall to go with? IE: Support, “plug and playability”, quality, contents of package. (BFG, XFX, EVGA etc.?)

- Kreamy

Anyone willing to help me compile a PC, feel free to help me out :)