I remember my first Sony Walkman.

Who doesn’t? I had that thing with me everywhere I went until years later it started eating tapes instead of playing them. Sony had a great product there—and now they’ve got another. That’s because they’re bringing back the Walkman name in Sony Ericsson’s new Walkman Phones.

These unlocked GSM phones are designed specifically to perfect what MP3-capable phones started out doing several years ago. There are several editions of these Walkman phones, and they range in price, features, and capacity. But one thing that remains the same is the easy access and playability of your music. Taking and sending digital pictures are both just as easy, too.

The Sony Ericsson W300i is the introductory model in the Sony Video Walkman Phone Lineup. It is a Quad Band Unlocked GSM phone, which means that if you use the carriers that identify their clients with an ordinary SIM card (Sorry, Sprint users) you can use this phone just about anywhere in the world.

Like I mentioned before, the main attraction of this phone is its music playback features. The W300i has independent buttons and controls for music selection, playback, and organization. And you can play it aloud or via headphones. (I recommend the Headphones. Hey, there’s not much room for speakers in a Cell phone!) There’s up to 1GB of storage space on this phone due to the fact that it fits Sony’s Memory Stick Micro flash card. As if that wasn’t enough music, there is a fully functional stereo FM Radio Receiver, complete with RDS (Radio Data Support), so you can listen to all the on-air music you want as well as get real-time traffic and news updates. Not bad for a phone that costs less than 200 bucks, is it?

Sony Ericsson W300i Video Walkman Phone has a Digital Camera that's easy to take and send pictures with.Sony Ericsson has also integrated a Camera phone into the W300i, complete with one of the easiest user interfaces I’ve ever seen. It’s so easy to send a friend one of your pictures via Bluetooth, IR, or Web Browsing (Oh yeah—the W300i has Web browsing capability) that you may just annoy your friends and loved ones. So only send them pictures you are proud of, okay?

There is much more to this little phone that meets the eye. If you want to know more about this affordable, capable, and attractive phone (lets face it—the new graham cracker sized phones are not cool.) you can check out our TigerTV video review with our knowledgeable host Arno. Complete specifications, Availability, and Pricing are available at TigerDirect.com. I’ve made it even easier by including links below, so no more excuses! If you’ve been looking for a new music-capable phone that won’t break your wallet, this is the one. Get it today!

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