TigerTV host Michelle's Got a Hot New Weekend Deal of the Day for you...just watch, Dammit!Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. Sweet Saturday Sleep in. But to be totally honest with you, TigerDirect.com never takes a day off. We’re always dropping prices, offering great deals on our overstocked or just plain popular items, and other amazing merchandise. In fact, every day TigerDirect.com has a different featured Deal of the Day—a popular item that has done so well, we’re able to trim our profit margins and offer it to our loyal customers at just that much better a price. From Noon one Day until Noon the Next, you’ve got a chance to save, but the deal only lasts 24 hours. Watch our home page TigerDirect.com for deal of the day with TigerTV host Michelle—you won’t want to miss it!

But I digress. The only time you’ve got a bit longer to act on our generosity is at the end of the week, when we roll out the TigerDirect Weekend Deal. Then you’ve got from Noon Friday until the following Monday at High Noon, just like in those old Western Movies (Except we’re not going to make you shoot it out by the OK Corral). This week, we’re featuring the Sandisk Cruzer Micro, a retractable USB 2.0 Flash Drive with a 2GB storage capacity. We ordinarily sell this handy portable storage device for $29.99, but until Monday, July 16 2007 you can pick one up from us for only $19.99! TigerTV Host Michelle will tell you all about it—you’d probably rather hear it from her than me, anyway!

The Cruzer Micro is much more than just a flash drive. It would have to be, to get itself featured on our Weekend Deal Segment. The Cruzer Micro comes with U3 Smart Technology software already installed. U3 is a revolutionary software package that was co-invented by SanDisk and someone else who didn’t quite make it to our TigerDirect Weekend Deal (Sorry, fellas). U3 allows you to take your Desktop and Browser settings, Passwords, as well as preferences, profiles, favorites, etc. with you when you move from computer to computer. Rather than setting as strange computer up just the way you like it, the Sandisk Cruzer Micro does all that for you—just by plugging it into a USB 2.0 port!

And the best part is, U3 technology wipes the computer clean of said passwords and preferences when you leave—so there’s nothing left over to compromise your online security. And if that weren’t enough, SanDisk has also included a Software copy of Skype, the VoIP protocol that lets you make Computer-to-Computer phone calls anywhere in the world for unbelievably cheep. Remember, you get all this for only $19.99, but only for the weekend. So check out the SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB Flash Drive. Check out Michelle’s Weekend Deal of the Day. Then head straight to our online checkout—but hurry, you’ve only got until Monday, July the 16th 2007. Then this deal is going, going, gone!

Get the SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB Flash Drive With Skype and U3 Technology Before it’s Too Late!