Mobile Phone Heavyweight Nokia has launched a service that will cut the time it takes a GPS enabled phone to locate via satellite virtually in half. This opens the floodgates for GPS based services, an avenue of income the company hopes will pay off. While this new service is only available for the flagship N95 phones, one can only assume that it will eventually make its way into other high end Nokias.

Nokia claims that the time it takes a GPS enabled phone to locate itself via GPS satellite is now under a minute in most cities worldwide. The relative length of time it took Cellular phones to accomplish this before hindered widespread adoption of Cellular navigation over other stand-alone GPS handheld units.

Traditional Cellular phone based locators used Carrier Cellsites to locate a phone faster, the new Nokia network bypasses these networks using SIM card data and new software that helps the phone catch satellite signals. All GPS phones produced by Nokia from now on will carry the new service.

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