I’ll bet your laptop looks boring. Sure, you’ve got all the latest software and have upgraded the memory yourself, but when you smile over the top of your Widescreen, Webcam-equipped LCD at the girl across from you in the airport terminal, she still regards you like some kind of wacko. Get the girl using the same tricks the rich guys do—with an Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook PC.

All right, this won’t pull nearly as many glances as a real Ferrari. But it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than the plastic-and-more-plastic model you’re sporting now. So check out this Acer laptop. It’s got plenty of the stuff you need, and its compact, just like the racecar. Plus, you can always tell people you’re a Ferrari rep. Hey, it could work.

The Ferrari branding on the Acer 1000 notebook PC is plentiful and glamorous. The prancing horse adorns everything from the back of the monitor (good for showing off when it’s open) to the external DVD burner. The fact that the Optical drive isn’t on the actual laptop is the only feature I didn’t warm to immediately, but when I saw just how much space and weight was saved by not including it, it won me over. Hey, that’s what Ferraris do, right?

Pin striping, badging, and Carbon Fiber accents (I’m a sucker for this high-end fiberglass composite) aside, this is no slouch PC. The 12-inch screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio and 1280×800 resolution. This racetrack-ready laptop is powered by an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-56 1.8GHz processor, enough to handle anything you throw at it on the road. And it comes stocked with 1GB of DDR2 memory. The Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook PC comes with Windows XP professional, but with these specs, it’s ready for Windows Vista right off the starting line. A 160GB hard drive and 802.11b/g wireless round out this impressive package.

There’s also a 5-in-1 Flash Memory Card reader that fits such favorites as SD, xD picture Card, and SD cards. Aside from having dual and external monitor functionality, the Acer Ferrari 1000 also has a VoIP phone that stores handily away in the PCI Card Slot on the side of the Laptop. And there’s built-in Bluetooth to interface with all your state of the art portable equipment. A badged up Ferrari Wireless Mouse is also included.

If you’re tired of a boring PC, but don’t necessarily want to lug around a 20-pound powerhouse PC, then take a gander at the Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook PC. This is an award-winning laptop that will turn heads and get you out of the portable computer doldrums once and for all. Who knows—maybe you’ll land a real Ferrari one day to go with it.

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