Fiber Optic CableCorning Inc. has developed a new form of optical fiber that is at least 100 times more bendable than current fibers.

Standard Optical fiber’s flexibility has long been one of the major hurdles preventing its installation in the home. Corning’s President, Peter Volankis said, “This is a game changing technology for telecommunications applications. We have developed an optical fiber cable that is as rugged as copper cable but with all of the bandwidth benefits of fiber.”

It was Corning Inc. scientists invented low-loss optical fiber in the early 1970s. These thin strands of pure glass convey voice, video and computer data at the speed of light and have replaced copper as the cornerstone of today’s television networks and the Internet as we know it.

The optical fiber currently in use does not carry light well when it is bent around corners (or through a building). This makes it expensive to run optical fiber to every home or businesses that might not be in a direct line of site from the main conduit. This new Optical Fiber, however, has virtually no signal loss no matter how much you bend it.

This new design relies on nanostructures to act as a mirrored guardrail for the light signals. This allows the fibers to be bent without light leaking out, thus retaining the signal strength throughout bends and turns.

This is good news for homes and businesses that reside in high-rise apartment buildings or office complexes. Rather than running fiber opticcable into the basement and using conventional wiring to provide service to the rest of the building, this new form of Fiber Optic cable could be run to every floor, even every room. That would make the more than 25 million high-rise apartment homes in the United States easily accessible to the highest speed Internet and communications services available.