The P6N SLI Platinum seems to be a mix of my two favorites. It has an external ESATA port like the ASUS Striker and it has some great tweaking features similar to the EVGA 680i SLI. It also sacrifices some speed in the graphics department to gain stability.

The overclocking features don’t quite stack up to the EVGA and the SLI options are a bit different than the others. When you install one graphics card it runs at 16x. When you install a second graphics card the two slots share the 16x bandwidth and they each run at 8x. This may not be the fastest option but it is stable.

This board might outlast the others. A year or so ago, motherboards were having a lot of trouble with jolts of electricity frying the capacitors after extended use. This would, in turn, destroy the motherboard. Small capacitors frying motherboards? Well, get bigger capacitors! The massive capacitors MSI uses for this board look like the ones you see on the most powerful graphics cards. Problem solved.

If you are building an overclocked gaming rig and you want speed this board will give it to you, but there are faster options. However, if you are looking for stability, some cool options, and a well designed motherboard then check this one out.