Epson PowerLite ProjectorI’ve told you about High Definition projectors before. But the disparity between work and home theater projectors is a wide as the difference between a work truck and a hand-made Italian sports car.

Samsung Home Theater HD ProjectorSo instead of attempting to appeal to two separate groups (or two separate facets of yourself, as the case may be) I’ve brought two of these devices together. Whether you’re trying to wow them at your next board meeting or want to turn your basement into a personal movie theater, you’ve got to read this post.

The first on our list is the projector that’s more suited for the workplace than the home movie multiplex you’re dreaming about. And while hooking up your house is always a lot more fun than outfitting the office, there’s no substitute for quality equipment when you are trying to land a deal or impress your clients. The Epson PowerLite 77c XGA LCD Projector has several functions that make it a great HD projector for your workplace environs.

First of all, the Epson Powerlite 77c sports no silly, futuristic body. It’s rounded rectangle chassis looks modern without looking flashy. And it weighs only 6 pounds, so you can easily transport it between offices, boardrooms, and meetings. The resolution is no slouch either: 1024×768 pixels are more than enough for 720p HD imagery. The PowerLite 77c is also capable of 2200 ANSI Lumens brightness, in case your boardroom isn’t the kind with curtains. And finally, you can display an image as small as 30-inches and as large a 300-inches diagonal with the PowerLite 77c LCD Projector.

Other great features like Instant On let you get right to your presentation. Instant On brings the PowerLite 77c to life about 5 seconds after you press the button. No more waiting for the lamp to heat up before you can launch into your sales pitch. The sliding lens cover protects the fragile components when you’re traveling. Sliding the cover closed during a presentation turns off both video and audio, so if you feel like riffing on a certain subject before going to the next slide, you don’t have to pause with something inane on the screen.

But enough about work! No one likes spending money on workplace equipment, anyway. The Samsung SP-H710AE Home Theater DLP Video Projector is a powerhouse entertainment device. If you’re not serious about wowing your guests this football season, ignore the rest of this post. But if you do love the adoration of friends, neighbors, and others impressed by visual display horsepower, this projector is worth considering. It has 720p native resolution, so whether it’s Pro Football or Lost, it’s all in HD, baby.

The SP-H710AE can accurately reproduce broadcast quality color and saturation. This is not easy to do—even other projectors that warrant the 720p native resolution rating often can’t make believable images for the silver screen. This high-quality imaging is a direct result of the fact that this projector was designed specifically for home theater applications, rather than the more common dual-use projectors. The contrast ratio on the SP-H710AE is 2800:1—yet another feature that makes this Projector one for the winner’s circle.

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