So your Motorola RAZR phone is old and scratched up. While the venerable slim phone is still a hot item the world over, you’ve grown tired of flip phones. Opening and closing your phone was cool when it was your first one. Now, however, you’re more concerned with function, technology, and of course your digital life. That’s why I’ve pulled these two Sony Ericsson phones aside as they made their way through the TigerTV labs, especially to show them to you. So take your Bluetooth headset out of your ear (or not!) and take a look at these hot new Sony Ericsson phones.

The first phone I’ve waylayed is the Sony Ericsson Walkman W810i Unlocked Quad Band GSM Phone. You won’t have to say all of that when you order it, I promise. We’ve showcased the Walkman series of digital music phones on TigerDirectnews before, but this one warrants a return trip. The W810i has a revamped user interface for Sony’s iconic Walkman function. Now you can create playlists, folders by artist or genre, and keep a closer, more organized eye on your digital music in general. And the phone can capture as well as take pictures and video, which you can also organize. More on that later.

The Walkman W810i has great sound quality when you’re listening to your music on the go—which is not surprising, considering Sony makes it. It is remarkable however, given the fact that many compact MP3 players suffer from this very ailment. What’s the point of portable music if it sounds terrible? This phone is Quad band GSM, meaning that if you rock a carrier that uses SIM cards, you’re good anywhere in the world. And while you’re there, take some photographs. The W810i has a 2 MP camera that takes incredible digital pictures—you’ll have to convince people that the pics are actually from your camera phone. And as I mentioned before, it can capture video as well. Why carry a mobile music player and a phone? Just get yourself the Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone.

Then there’s the Sony Ericsson S500i Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. Inspired by designs and shapes found in nature (presumably smooth, flowing shapes), The Sony Ericsson S500i keeps you in touch with your chi—while keeping you in touch with everyone else as well! It’s minimalist front design sports a large full color LCD screen and conceals a slide-out keypad behind it. The S500i is offered in two distinct hues, forest green and metallic yellow. No matter what your color preference, you’ll love the features and functionality of this beautiful slider phone. Quad Band GSM capability means this phone can travel (and function!) with you almost anywhere in the world. It fits an ordinary SIM card, so you won’t loose your numbers when you switch to the S500i.

Aside from must have features like text messaging, 3-click ring tone downloads, 3D games, and more, one of the most astounding features of the S500i is the 2.0 megapixel digital camera. Take crisp, clear photographs your friends and loved ones will never believe came from a camera phone. The S500i also captures video. And an onboard media player lets you see your pics (and vids!) before you show them to the world—via full Internet access or email. And you can link your S500i directly to your PC via USB connection, for effortless connectivity.

Whether it’s music or motif that most tickle your fancy, these Sony Ericsson phones are sure to please. And you can get them both from as Unlocked GSM handsets. Translation: No carriers, no contracts. If your cell phone provider supports the model in question, then you can play ball! Don’t stick with that dinky flip-top phone another minute—get a handle on one of these sleek new Sony models today!

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