Since it was first released, the Canon Digital ELPH series of digital cameras have been both technically advanced and stylishly conceived at once. The newest incarnation of Canon’s ultra compact digital point and shoot camera is no different. Rather it is different, but it sticks with the ultra-successful design…you know what I mean. Let me introduce you to your next digital camera—Check out the Canon SD1000 Digital ELPH.

The Powershot SD1000 Digital ELPH boasts a powerful 7.1 megapixel image sensor, along with a true 3x optical zoom. The collapsible zoom lens fully retracts into the minimalist camera body, which renders the SD1000 perfectly flat when not in use. The body itself is a revamp of Canon’s tried and true Box-and-Circle ELPH design. The SD1000’s cosmetic styling is available in two finishes—an all silver and metallic motif, or a silver camera body with a black lens and zoom array, reminiscent of the styles common on much larger digital cameras.

Features like Face Recongition are possible thanks to the DIGIC III Image Sensor on board the SD1000.The on-board DIGIC III image processor captures superior-quality images. The DIGIC III allows the Canon SD1000 to provide more accurate post-shutter improvements. Features like Face Recognition Technology and Red Eye Correction make sure that you take pictures like a pro, whether or not you actually are one! Face Recognition Technology may sound eerily like Big Brother, but in fact what it does is simple. When you depress the shutter halfway, the camera locates the most suitable focus point. This way the people in your photograph show up more clearly than the grass they’re sitting on. An addition Face Recognition feature adjusts the flash, eliminating over-exposed faces.

Shake reduction reduces unwanted blur, even in low-light conditions.SD1000 doesn’t stop there. The PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH features new ISO 1600 and Automatic “High ISO” settings that reduce the effects of unwanted camera shake. This is excellent—Who can stand still on the 4th of July? Not only does shake reduction technology reduce blur, it also helps you capture excellent photographs while shooting at night, a common foe of point and shoot digital cameras.

Finally, there’s a 2.5-inch LCD screen that allows you to preview, plan, and proof your shots before and after you press the shutter button. On the back of this diminutive camera, the screen looks huge. And it’s coated in a scratch resistant layer that also makes the bright LCD screen easier to see in direct sunlight. You can even print directly from the SD1000 via a hand print/share button. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got a compatible printer, but you can handle that, can’t you? Of course you can! For complete specifications, pricing, and availability, just follow the link below. If you’ve been eying your digital camera wondering if it’s time is up, then consider the SD1000 Digital ELPH from Canon. It’s a 2007 PC Magazine Editors Choice, for Pete’s sake!

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