I’m going to make a statement: Most gamers prefer Windows XP. In fact, as it seems in forums, it’s almost cool to make fun of Vista. Look at these guys in the image. Do you think they have ever played a game? There, I’ve made fun of them. Now I’m cool.
Microsoft Vista (PHOTO SOURCE:  MICROSOFT)If gamers don’t want Vista then why is Microsoft shoving it down their throats? DirectX 10 is amazing. The games are becoming so photo-realistic that it is ridiculous. Microsoft showed us this beautiful footage and before we wiped the drool from our chins, they inform us that in order to enjoy these games we would have to buy Windows Vista.

We are wounded. Are we just an after thought for Microsoft? Do they only care about the XBOX?

They promised they would shift more of their focus to the PC… And what do they do? They add salt to the wounds. They release Halo 2 two years later than it’s debut on the XBOX 360, they make it just as expensive as any brand new game, and they make it a Vista exclusive. So, if I want to play a great two year game on my PC I have to shell out a premium price for the visually aged title and shell out even more money for an OS that continually insults my intelligence. The worst is this: Halo 2 does not need Vista as it is not even a DirectX 10 powered game, it is DirectX 9.

We need DirectX 10 for XP. I’ve heard rumors… Rumors that Microsoft will eventually release DirectX 10 for XP. Perhaps these rumors are a response to the Rumors that there are cracked versions of DirectX 10 that will work with XP, or that there are some programs in development that will allow gamers to play DirectX 10 games in XP…

I have a flash drive with a file on it. I’m told that this will allow me to play DirectX 10 games on my XP machine… Now we wait… We wait for the first DirectX 10 games to arrive. Then you’ll have to check back for my new posts.