There are plenty of Smartphones out there. This week I’ll review a couple, just so you get a feeling of what different manufacturers have to offer.

Since I’m writing the reviews, I get to choose which phone goes first—and I choose the Sony Ericsson P1i Unlocked Tri-band GSM Touchscreen Smartphone. After this article, I hope you understand a bit better why you should choose it, too.

The P1i (as we’ll refer to it for the sake of my typing finger) isn’t as flashy as some of the other smartphones available. In fact, it is also not as wide/tall, a feature I really, really like. There are some ridiculously large smartphones out there that make it almost impossible to continue calling the thing a phone and not a PDA. But unlike it’s bulbous brethren, the P1i is actually slimmer than a RAZR. Hard to believe, but true. In fact, Hard to believe is an excellent theme for a phone like this. Here’s why.

The Unlocked Tri-band Goodness of the P1i means that there’s a whole slew of places world-wide where this phone will work. It connects to the web via 3G technology, the fast as fast can be mobile internet that is quickly replacing EDGE in leading-tech smartphones. This technology blows the previous stuff out of the water. I’m talking modem vs. T1 line, people. 3G web technology means you'll get fast, fast internet access.The P1i runs off the Symbian operating system and uses the Opera web browser, so you’ll see sites in their entirety. If entirety isn’t for you, you can opt for RSS feeds straight to your phone. You see? Sony Ericsson takes “thought-of-everything” to a whole new level with this model.

This phone has so many features that one almost overlooks the touch-screen display. I said almost, because you see almost nothing else when you gaze directly into this mobile powerhouse’s headlights. The screen uses a stylus to operate, but goes well beyond the “hunt-and-peck” interaction of most stick-based (I’m cynical about the plastic toothpick revolution—sue me.) control panels. This bad boy can recognize your handwriting on-screen, and convert the chicken-scratch mess to text. And you can open, edit, and peruse all of your documents in their entirety. Why did you say you needed an office again?

It doesn’t stop there. It could, but then it would just be a slick phone, and not necessarily worthy of my admiration. Check this out: the P1i can take a photograph and “scan” the important information off a business card and port it directly to your contact list. There are computer programs and dedicated scanners that can already do this—but a phone? Truly impressive. How can a camera phone accomplish this with any degree of accuracy? Simple—the camera in question is 3.2 megapixels. (Again, this is on a PHONE.)

Music recognition software makes finding your favorite track simple--even if you have no idea what it is!Last but definitely not least, this QWERTY keyboard equipped phone has something for the procrastinator in all of us. After all, with all the work you’ll accomplish on the go with the P1i, there’s definitely going be some quiet moments when you’ll need to waste some time. The FM radio function is a great way—but let’s go a step further shall we? With music recognition software. Music recognition means what it sounds like—record a snippet of a song, and the software identifies the track, artist, and album it came from. I was only dimly aware that this was possible.

For more information on this touchscreen smartphone wonder, watch the TigerTV review above. If you’ve heard (or read) enough and just want to get your hands on one, go to or just click on the link below. There’s plenty more to list, but I grow tired of singing the praises of a phone that speaks for itself. If you’re sick of getting “almost enough” of everything you need out of a smartphone, seriously consider the P1i from Sony Ericsson. I know I am.

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