It’s always nice to get a shot at technology that we ordinarily don’t get to use. That’s one of the best things about working in the TigerTV Labs; getting the hands on with a lot of different technology—some of it very cool, some of it that definitely requires a bit of pondering to figure out what the designers were thinking. Kudos to the Designers of the Motorola Q Unlocked GSM Smartphone—They’ve designed a phone that is as versatile as it is useful. Check it out!

Until recently, the Motorola Q was under an exclusive contract with a non-GSM carrier. This meant that us sim-card-crazy phone-fans were out of luck. But that contract has run out and with it, our time with the Motorola has arrived. The full-color 2.4-inch LCD screen is bright, and easy to see. The QWERTY keyboard makes typing emails, documents, or just instant messages easy and quick. And those well-designed features are just the tip of the mobile iceberg.

This smartphone comes running Windows Mobile 6.0, one of the most complete operating systems yet for a mobile device. This means that you can access, write, and edit any Microsoft office document or file, anywhere you are. This makes out-of-office auto-replies obsolete, don’t you think? Oh, right—wrong function. There’s so many it’s easy to get confused. There’s full email and Internet access via Microsoft Explorer. Keep your appointments, check email, and work remotely with ease—that’s the whole point of a smartphone, isn’t it? Of course it is. Connectivity is taken care of by on-board EDGE Class 10 technology, one of the most widely used networks ever.

The Motorola Q gives fun more credence than many of its competitors as well. With a 1.3 megapixel camera that can shoot both still pictures and MPEG4 quality video, you’ll be able to capture anything you see, anywhere you might roam. There’s picture messaging along with the regular old text messaging, too. This is actually a pretty impressive little camera tucked into the Q. It has a fixed focus for easy use, but an adjustable aperture and a digital zoom function that lets you get in close for portraits…or to snap a pic of the ding somebody put in your car door for insurance purposes. Hey, the phone is designed to be useful.

The Motorola Q has 128MB of flash memory, and about 40MB of User Memory available. But don’t despair—there’s a regular sized SD Card slot, so you can pack up to 1GB worth of songs, movies, and anything else spawned by your myriad multimedia interests. It’s Bluetooth stereo enabled, so whether you’re listening to a headset or headphones (for music) you can do so in either ear. Audio that accompanies video is better in stereo, anyway. If you’ve been shopping for a smartphone, consider this one. It is as thin as it is useful, and comes from one of the most trusted names in Cellular technology. The Motorola Q Unlocked GSM Smartphone—a smart buy for quite a number of reasons.

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