Toshiba SDHC and MicroSHDCToshiba has been busy figuring out how to cram even more memory into the widely popular SD and Micro SD formats – they have stretched the capacity to 16 and 32GB for the latest SDHC capacity and 8GB in the MicroSDHC format.

According to Toshiba’s Japanese press release, the 16GB SDHC will run you about $350 and will be available in October 2007. The 32GB SDHC monster will be available for double that price, or seven hundred bucks, but y’all are going to have to wait until January 2008 for the biggest card on the block.

For those of you with the need to store lots of photo and media on the go (and have a player which supports the MicroSDHC format), Toshiba didn’t forget you! Their announcement of the 8GB SHDC capacity will be a welcome message for mobile developers as well. While the 2GB capacity of MicroSD today is just fine for most people, wouldn’t you rather have your entire iTunes library on a convenient MicroSD card the size of half a postage stamp?

These new capacities should provide the means for even smaller media players with the same capacity of the largest Nano and beyond. During the early 2000s, the industry saw embedded CF and MicroDrive devices, leveraging the storage potential as a removable and quickly flashable device. Perhaps the Internet Appliances of the future will be based off of a removable flash format for boot – and these new capacities can take your whole system with you!

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Photo Credit: Toshiba Japan