Looking for a flat screen television? Yeah, me too. TigerTV Labs sees a bunch of these every week—but this week was a bit different. I got the chance to give a once-over to a pair of special flat screens. One is a best deal for your money, and the other is one of the best that you can buy, period. Whether you’re after LCD or plasma technology, these High Definition televisions will offer you plenty to choose from. Check them out!

I’ll start with the Westinghouse LTV-37w2 37-inch LCD TV. This beautiful LCD TV has a resolution of 1366×768. This means that it has a native resolution rating of 720p—enough to display full 1080i, which is the most brilliant level of broadcast High Definition. Other than resolution, which everyone pays attention to, it’s a good idea to get a television with a high contrast ratio. This 37-inch LCD has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which means that you’ll see everything beautifully crisp and clear.

There’s a VGA port on the back of almost every High-Defintion Television these days. This television goes above the rest, allowing you to utilize the full 1366×768 screen resolution when hooked up to your PC. This makes for an absolutely huge LCD TV turned computer monitor. Good for pictures, great for games! And there’s a host of high definition connections, including HDMI, the all digital audio and visual connection in a single cord. HDMI is the future, my friends. Check it out.

37-inches is fine for some, but what if you’re ready to go big? If you want a large television, there isn’t much better than a plasma screen. LCD is great, but the vivid colors that a good plasma array can produce are just as astounding. Enter the Panasonic TH-50PX75U 50-inch Plasma High Definition TV. This is one of the best televisions around, period. Aside from being 720p (again, 1080i capable) this plasma screen has an astounding 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

The TH-50PX75U is huge! It’s got a 50-inch diagonal screen, which will put your movies, sporting events, and television programs at intimidatingly large dimensions. Another cool feature: this Panasonic has an SD card slot right on the front of the television. While you cannot fit a very large movie on most SD cards, you can fit lots and lots of photographs. The TH50PX75U has an easy-to-use picture viewer software that makes reviewing and showing off your digital photos easy. The picture quality when watching films or sporting events is unparalleled, and literally speaks for itself.

Whether you need a modest (modestly large, really. There’s no point in buying a small flat panel.) TV like the Westinghouse LTV-37w2 37-inch LCD TV or want to win the Television-wars with your friends and neighbors with the Panasonic TH-50PX75U 50-inch Plasma High Definition TV, TigerDirect.com is the way to go. Check them out in our TigerTV video reviews—then pick one up via the links below. Watch, learn, and above all—enjoy!

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