Tropical Resort bans Electronic GearNext vacation – plan carefully. According to a UK report and rippling throughout the blogosphere, Casarina Beach (On the Caribbean ‘Palm Island,’ a private resort nestled in the Grenadines) has banned electronic gadgets you and I all love – cellular phones, PDAs, and laptops within a half mile radius.

According to the chief executive of Elite Resort Islands, Rob Barrett, “There is nothing worse than lying back in your double hammock, sipping on your strawberry daiquiri and hearing the Motorola jingle in the background.

“We would love to encourage guests to adopt Caribbean time during their stay with us, switch off their mobiles and enjoy the sound of the lapping waves.”

So, if you can’t be without your iPhone, then you may want to head to South Beach or another destination where having a waterproof case on your iPhone is welcomed. Can’t wait to check your Blackberry? Well, make sure you can wait long enough to walk a half a mile. C’mon. What geek really wants to go that far for anything when it’s all within the reach of your fingertips – if you are in a “legal electronics zone”.

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