FujiFilm z10fd FinePix CameraDigital cameras today offer an ever increasing array of features to satiate nearly any fancy. FujiFilm is making strides in developing new features for niche markets in an effort to sell more ‘demographically focused’ products. Once such example is the upcoming Z10fd FinePix – intended for today’s youth market.

Available in a rainbow of colors, the Z10fd features an incredible new technology called ‘IRSimple.’ Those of you who used Palm devices are familiar with the “card beaming” feature, allowing you to send an electronic business card directly to your associates Palm via infrared. 15 years later, no further advances have been made regarding the use of IR technology in favor of utilizing Bluetooth and WiFi for most connections. This feature will allow camera users to ‘beam’ photos to one another in as little as three seconds.

According to a New York Times report, “Think of those group shots where you all have to stand like statues so that every single person’s camera can take the same shot. Think of the times when you were performing or speaking and somebody else took a picture — a picture you’d love to have for yourself. (Or maybe you were the photographer, and the other guy asked for a copy.) Think of the time you captured some amazing event with your crummy little point-and-shoot camera, while the guy next to you took a much better shot with his expensive pro camera.”

“Most people cannot share photos on the spot. Some people scribble down (and later lose) an e-mail address or use a Web photo gallery as an intermediary. It would be so much better if you could just share a photo with someone else’s camera right now, in person, and cross that to-do item off your list.”

Currently Fuji stands alone in use of this photo sharing technology, but with everyone wanting to share their photos for MySpace and Facebook, it should catch on quick, especially at nightclubs and other social events. Nikon has decided that a WiFi connection is all that is needed to instantly upload to FLICKR, but other camera makers are still figuring out what they will do next to give you more features.

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