Move over iPhone—or at least make room at the dinner table. Apple released its newest member of the iPod lineup, the iPod Touch, today. Built on the same chassis and featuring many of the same features as the iPhone, I think it’s the slickest looking iPod ever. Check it out!

The iPod touch is available in two sizes, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities. While these are by far the smallest full-size iPods ever offered, the iPod Touch has a huge screen—the same 3.5-inch Widescreen bad boy found on the iPhone. This screen also features the innovative touch operation made popular by the iPhone—a proliferation of technology that many Apple watchers predicted. Now you can browse through web pages and playlists alike with the flick of a finger (or any other handy didgit). I was getting a little sick of that breath mint-looking control pad, anyway.

The iPod touch also has WiFi Internet connection and web browsing capability via Safari. This is cool for several reasons. One: You can check your email, browse web pages, and even zone out to your favorite Youtube sites, without having to purchase an iPhone. Two: you don’t need your PC to access iTunes anymore. While the same draconic DRM rules still apply to the iPod touch as previous iPods (That is, it only works with music and content downloaded from Apple’s iTunes site) you no longer have to bring your portable music player back to home base. Fill your flash memory to your heart’s content—and do it on the go. I wish they’d come up with this sooner.

Whether the relatively high price tag and reduced storage capacity of the new iPod touch score a hit with consumers or not is yet to be seen, but for my vote, it sure is pretty. I don’t know if I’ve got 299 bucks (or more) to devote to an digital music player, though. For more info on the classic iPods (As well as more affordable MP3 players)–from Video to Shuffle, go to or just click on the link below.

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