For the most part, I don’t post blogs or notices about keyboards. It has been known to happen, but there usually isn’t enough to talk about. Sure, some people love mice (the guys who develop input devices like them a whole lot, I would assume) and mousepads and stuff like that—whatever floats your boat.

But whether you give two figs about input equipment or just one fig, you’ll want to check this out. It is a truly amazing gyroscopic mouse from Logitech— MX Air Mouse.

These Logitech guys are amazing-reliability, ergonomics, and technological innovation absolutely oozes out of everything they do. They’ve done it again, too-with a gyroscope-equipped input device that functions like a regular cordless mouse or through the air like a television remote control. And the scroll wheel is, well…missing. That’s not to say the scrolling function is gone, oh no. Instead, there’s a long swipe pad where the wheel should be. Brush your finger along it, and the web page (or whatever) scrolls up or down. And if you move your finger faster, the mouse simulates actual momentum. And there’s even an audible clicking sound, just in case you need that last bastion of the physical wheel.

But that’s not all: if you pick it up and move it around through the air, the cursor moves around on the computer screen! The control feels similar to a television remote, but much better, because you can actually see the actions on the screen. This is the perfect mouse for use with a multimedia PC. Plus, the buttons are backlit for easy use at night.

The chrome and black exterior design makes this mouse hot enough to actually keep on your living room coffee table. It sits upright when not in use, charging in its futuristic charging block. The Logitech MX Air Mousefeels incredible on your hand, as well. Whether you’re using it flat on the table or waving it around in the air like a web browsing magic wand (yes, it’s just that cool.)

Don’t take my word for it: PC Magazine just reviewed the Logitech MX Air, and they gave it 4 ½ out of 5 points. While this revolutionary piece of technology runs a higher in price than your average mouse, it’s worth it.

PC Magazine gave the Logitech MX Air an outstanding 4 ½ points out of 5:
“Companies have made gyroscopic air mice before, primarily for business presentation applications, but this beauty is aimed squarely at your entertainment PC. And it hits the target just about dead center, in a number of ways.”

Maximum PC’s Head To Head Comparison found the Logitech MX Air outstanding:
“…the Logitech MX Air looks like it fell off the Star Trek prop table and is actually a mouse/pointer hybrid, with the awesome ability to sense when it’s being used on a flat surface or thrust about in the air.”

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