High-Def is here whether you like it or not. Luckily, in the good ‘ol USA we have fairly decent selection of HD programming already – while other areas of the world still have none, even the EU has a serious shortage. When it comes to buying movies in High-Def, you currently have two options: BluRay and HD-DVD. Competing formats reminding me of the VHS vs Beta days of Video Tape.

Over the weekend, two announcement were made regarding new formats of High Def DVDs. The first to be announced should be a consumer favorite – lower cost players, lower cost media. Called the ‘HD-VMD’ – this high-def versatile format uses red lasers like standard DVD and CD players – lowering costs dramatically and only a bit over that of current DVD media and players. With a set-top player expected to be under $200, this new format may be a late starter – but big winner in the High Def DVD arena.

The second format is basically an extended version of HD-DVD with new Chinese content management added on top. This format is being worked on as a standard for China and content is already being queued up.

Although you may not anticipate late entrants into the High-Def DVD war at this stage – with studios choosing ‘sides’ in this battle, I’m still quite happy with my upconverting DVD player. Looks great, HDMI works like a charm and I can still fully enjoy my movies.

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