LukWerks makes everything from home security starter kits to extra cameras...and TigerDirect gives them to you for less!Say Hello To LukWerks: The affordable surveillance and security solution that has big-names in the industry quaking in their boots. By utilizing amazing technology that allows you to send digital video signals through existing electrical outlets, LukWerks jumps around the nastiest part of security installations: laying the cable. And they don’t stop there: in fact, we’ve enlisted the help of our venerable TigerTV host Arno to explain.

Arno’s got this all wrapped up and ready for you to watch, learn and enjoy—so check it out, then get your own home security system started…because it’s never too late for peace of mind. When you’re ready to begin a simple one-camera installation or feel like diving into a multiple-camera setup, LukWerks and TigerDirect have exactly what you need. You can go directly to, or just click on the “LukWerks” link at the bottom of this post.

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