Want a cool monitor? Yes, I know that just being in possession of one or more LCD flat panel display monitors (or TVs, for that matter) does not a cool setup make.

But that doesn’t matter: not if you’re running this mammoth 24-inch AL241WBSD LCD from Acer. Great resolution, incredible display features and specs…even High Definition. Got your attention yet?

The AL241WBSD is a 24-inch Monitor—which means it’s bloody massive, in layman’s terms. This LCD is big enough to be several monitors, rolled into one. It’s not just big—it’s also crisp. With 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness, and 0.270mm pixel pitch. This is enough for even the most discerning display-o-philes to nod their heads approvingly. And now we get to the bread and butter of LCD displays: the resolution.

The AL241WBSD has a stunning 1920×1200 pixel count. This means that on top of being able to run your programs and games at their highest settings, you can also display HD television on this LCD. In fact, you can display the mother of all HD signals: the venerable 1080p. Here’s an idea: build a Blu-ray equipped multimedia PC and combine it with this monitor. People all over are saying that they often attach one connection to their PC, and the other to their cable box, and then sit back and enjoy high-definition television and computing…all on the same screen!

Don’t take my word, by any means:

Check out this review by James, posted July 20th, 2007
My kids got together and surprised me with this monitor for my birthday at the beginning of July. WOW was I surprised! This monitor is spectacular. We have another 24” monitor that has a few more bells & whistles, but we never use any of them, like additional USB ports. I still have three unused USB ports on my pc. I would reccomend this baby highly. I hooked up the DVI input to my cable box and the VGA input to my pc and the quality of the picture is so good I usually watch cable through my monitor instead of my Sony Trinitron 32” TV. Tthis monitor is better than my 52” RCA HD TV, which will only go to 1080i, but the monitor will reproduce 1080p. My Wife even said that it looked like you could reach right into the monitor and touch the images By using a splitter box I also ran my cable service through an HD TV card in the pc so that I can watch TV and work on the PC at the same time. This unit cost about $250 less than our other 24” monitor and there is no difference.

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