GPSApparently, the entire world is turning on to the convenience and simplicity of portable GPS receivers. Even thieves.

According to authorities, thefts of personal GPS devices are skyrocketing, due to their popularity with high-end consumers. The decrease in the prices of these indispensable devices means that there’s more of them around—making them an ideal target for simple, smash and grab thieves.

Police have little to offer consumers in the way of assistance, either. As it turns out, consumer GPS devices cannot be tracked from a central point. Even though they are constantly in communication with an array of satellites, they are only receivers. Government and official models are sometimes recoverable, but the best thing authorities suggest is to hide the device well or bring it with you when you leave your vehicle.

Unfortunately, these thieves are tricky buggers. Sometimes, hiding the device is not sufficient. The cradle that attaches to your windshield via a suction cup is a dead giveaway that you’ve got a GPS in the car. Even if you move the suction cup, it can still leave a telltale circle on your windshield. Police say wipe the circle away and hope for the best. I have a suggestion of my own: buy yourself a GSP-equipped cell phone. That can be recovered if stolen—or at the very least, you can call the dastardly individual and tell him what you think of his thieving ways.