Intel Developers Forum 2007Intel’s been very busy with new technology announcements during the Intel Developers Forum, and the latest – a whopper of a processor.

According to the CNET article, “The Nehalem demonstration featured a system with two quad-core processors; each processing core can handle two independent instruction sequences called threads, and the demo showed all 16 threads at work on various tasks. The processor was the very first incarnation of Nehalem–the “A0″ version–built for the first time three weeks ago, Gelsinger said.”

It was also noted that CNET was clear to point out that Intel had to mimic some of AMDs advances to boot.

“branded as QuickPath Interconnect, or QPI. QuickPath reproduces a technique that rival Advanced Micro Devices used for years to market share against Intel and secure a solid position in all four major server makers’ product lines.”

We look forward to the new technology forthcoming from Intel!

Story Source: CNET News Blog: “Intel breathless with Nehalem anticipation”

Photo Credit: Intel