This week I had the chance to get my hands on a number of different products; most of which are already very popular with TigerDirect clientele at large. I admit: at times, I’m left scratching my head trying to figure out what sets one monitor or digital camera apart from the next. Most manufacturers do well to differentiate their product by branding the technology they’ve used and/or developed—so that helps.

But it’s still a pleasant discovery to find an item that, once you’ve done the research, (about all the relevant specifications and technologies with intimidating names) is just as impressive when you put it to work—you see it in action, and it actually exceeds your expectations and your pre-conceived perceptions, regardless of how fancy the adjectives were that they used in the press release.

The “42LB5D” by LG is one such a product.

The staff in the studio get pretty excited whenever we get to review any large Flat Panel TV, and we often walk in after lunch hour as they’re watching Scarface for the 53rd time, only to have them retort: “This resolution is pretty crazy, man. Look at that. Look at it…”

This 42 inch High Def LCD TV from LG was no exception. I was immediately struck by its well thought out design. LG is known for paying just as much attention to aesthetics as to the technology they incorporate into their devices, and this LCD is a stellar example. I mentioned this in my video review, (See Below!) but it really is nice enough to just stare at, even when the power cable is unplugged. So, undoubtedly, the 42LB5D will compliment anyone’s abode, even if you don’t furnish your place at a cookie-cutter, room-in-a-box furniture wholesale outfit.

So, it’s pretty on the outside. But when you do bring it to life and actually watch some TV, I can honestly say it delivers some of the crispest pictures I’ve ever seen. The biggest reason for that would be the fact that LG has bestowed upon the 42-inch LB5D resolution capabilities of 1080P. That’s “P”, not “I”. And the difference is definitely evident. Even though we have all seen Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” a gazillion times (as it is our DVD of choice whenever we test-drive a High Definition TV), we were all mesmerized by the picture clarity and insane 10,000:1 contrast ratio—to the point that we sat silently and watched Nemo get lost. Again. (Don’t worry; He miraculously shows up in the end.)

Before we get sidetracked with tales of reunited waterborne families: A 1080p native resolution. A 10,000:1 contrast ratio. And all the connectivity for your digital components. This is not LG’s lowest price point for a 42 inch LCD TV by any means—Check out the The LG 42LC7D 720p HD LCD TV—but it’s worth every penny.

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