Gullible Americans?

Word has it that Americans receive fewer ads via text messages than their European counterparts, yet are more likely respond. This tidbit comes from M:Metrics a mobile measurement firm from Seattle, via Seattle Times technology columnist Tricia Duryee, who writes:

M:Metrics found that 17.2 percent of U.S. subscribers have received a text message ad in July, whereas in Europe as many as three out of four mobile subscribers reporting receiving one. In the U.S., response rates were the highest, with 12 percent responding to the ads. The United Kingdom had the second highest response rates at 9.2 percent. The big concern with sending ads via text message is that they will annoy customers, especially if they are sent without permission. Also, in the U.S., subscribers may be charged for the message if they do not have an unlimited texting plan. M:Metrics found that across all geographies a majority, or 73 percent, of the ads are from the subscriber’s mobile service provider; 17.5 percent of subscribers said they received an ad from a company that had permission to send it, and 21.1 percent said the advertisers did not have permission.

Upon hearing this grim news, I’ve programmed into my cellphone an automatic text response that reads: “Byte me!”

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