There is an inherent conundrum to owning a digital video camera: how much can you spend, without being terrified to take the thing outdoors and actually capture your life? Believe me, I’ve got a few family ski trips whose video documentation consist entirely of before and after interviews safe and snug in the hotel room.

There’s a solution, beyond just throwing your cares to the wind and lending your digital camcorder to your 12 year old. It’s the RCA EZ101 Small Wonder Digital Camcorder, and it makes this digital video thing as painless as it can possibly be. This camcorder is very slim, and captures up to 30 minutes of digital video without tapes, discs, or other accessories needed.

If you’re into web video or user generated content (buzz word! 50 points!) this is the camcorder for you. Don’t take my word for it:

This little guy kicks but. I like it it records well. It doesnt have much zooming power but its good for the price. IF you use myspace this is what you need for the videos!
–Reviewed by Mike, September 13 2007

It takes 2 AA batteries to operate—beyond that it’s pretty simple. You just point the camcorder at your subject and shoot. There’s a 2x zoom so that you can edge in on your subject, should it keep moving around (as subjects are prone to do.) It’s slim, so you can carry this camera around in your back pocket, backpack, or any other conveyance.

The RCA Small Wonder has a built-in USB connector plug, so you don’t have to tote around connection cables. You can get your digital video off the camcorder at major drug store and photo lab chains, or you can connect it to your PC via the very same USB. This is the kind of camera you can take on a hike, ride, boat trip, or vacation—and not feel bad handing to your youngsters (or friends! You know which ones we’re talking about!) to use and tote about. Check it out via the link below—it’s truly a great deal or gift idea, and you can get it right here, at!

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