Gone are the days of free headphones passed out on airplanes. I still have mine—they work just fine for the low-tech applications that I use them for: mainly to tie the two separated ends of my broken desktop lamp together. Any way you hear it, headphones (and their microphone-equipped counterparts, the headset) have come a long way. One of the most impressive technologies to be developed into a consumer goods phenomenon is that of the Noise Canceling earpieces.

I could write about the comfort and precision audio that these new-generation headsets provide, but why? This is a video blog about audio components, after all. So without much further ado, our esteemed TigerTV host Logan will introduce a couple of pairs of high-tech headgear.

The first is a dynamic design that won’t bust your wallet from peripherals and audio genius-foundation Logitech. The Precision PC Gaming Headset will let you taunt your opponents, coordinate teammates, and issue commands. You won’t believe the level of comfort and quality…especially during online gaming battles.

The next video contains a pair of headphones (Or headsets. Whichever is the easiest to remember.) from the multimedia think-tank at Creative Labs. They manufacture every size and type of music and multimedia conveyance you can imagine, so it only stands to reason that they dreamed up a couple of spectacular padded head-pounding personal audio performers. Driven by powerful 50mm drivers, you’ll hear every audio spectrum with incredible clarity. Choose from wired or wireless use with the dual mode operation without sacrificing audio quality. Designed with you in mind, the folding headband makes it compact-sized for storage and travel. Okay, enough from me. Just check them out!

Get yourself some Noise Canceling Wireless Goodness! Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset, Creative Labs CB8100 Wireless Headphones, Creative Labs Aurvana DJ Headphones