Capcom has come to their senses and announced that they will indeed release Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the Play Station 3. The iconic game company had originally ruled out a PS3 version, but announced recently that gamers would see the title in blu-ray dress early in 2008. Despite the rabid back and forth between fanboys of the various different systems, the release of this year-old game is a good thing.

Originally a PC game (it was also released on the Xbox 360) a year ago, Lost Planet pits you against giant aliens and ice pirates alike on E.D.E.N III, an ice planet in some far off universe. The PS3 version will sport a 16 player online over PSN option, and will include all the bonus characters who made appearances in the PC version. There will also be “Extra Downloadable Content” due to the massive capacity of the PS3’s blu-ray disc format.

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