flash memory in current formSamsung Electronics Co. has developed a more advanced flash memory chip that will allow increased data storage in digital products such as music players. Samsung, the largest manufacturer of computer memory chips, unveiled a 64-gigabit NAND flash memory chip based on process technology much finer than previously used. This is accomplished by utilizing circuit elements that are 30 nanometers wide.

Samsung believes the development of the chip is a world first and stated that the new chip marks the eighth straight year that NAND flash memory density has doubled and the seventh straight year that the nanometer scale has improved.

Using finer process technology allows more to be fit on a semiconductor chip and reduces power requirements. The chips can retain data even when the devices they power are turned off. Currently, the bulk of Samsung’s flash memory chips are produced using 50-nanometer process technology, she said. Production of the new chip is supposed to begin in 2009.