Apple lovers are drooling over the newly released Leopard Operating System. PCWorld provides a great comparison against Windows Vista features in a great photo essay. You’ll find completely new features, like the Apple Time Machine. This great new feature is kinda like ‘GoBack‘ with one of the coolest graphic representations in it’s interface for previously stored states on the system.

Apple Leopard File Interface (PCWorld)

Other features take a hand up from the iPhone interface, as shown in the inset image. This interface allows you to flip through documents while traversing your file structure in adjacent windows. Virtual desktops to reduce application clutter and other new innovative features are quickly revealed in this new operating system.

Another WinME?

With more and more people looking at Vista like another ‘Windows ME,‘ Redmond is sure to be working hard on their next release to combat the ever growing threats from not only Apple, but Ubuntu and other Linux flavors, and don’t minimize the direct threat of Google with their open standards, code sets and developer money thrown around. Their release of a mobile operating system has been busily discussed on the blogosphere and it’s threat to even Apple must be considered.

For full coverage of the comparisons between Leopard and Vista, according to PCWorld, take a look at their site.

[Source: PC World]