I remember projectors: badly synced sound, a squeaky cart that was wheeled from classroom to classroom, and only marginal improvement in technology by the time I got to the work force. The first job I had after college had tons of projectors…with me in charge of their upkeep. I blew a bunch of bulbs the first few times around…how was I supposed to know I shouldn’t touch the glass with my smudgy fingers? Those bulky machines are history. Get ready for the new wave of DLP and LCD projectors.

Not only is professional projector technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, it’s also not just for boardrooms anymore. While professional theater-style installations at home used to be only for the rich, projectors are fast closing the gap between television-based home theater and its big screen counterparts. We recently had two projectors delivered to the TigerTV labs: The Viewsonic PJ503D Projector will add style and panache to any business meeting. The BenQ W500 LCD Projector is perfect for creating the ultimate home entertainment experience, for less.

We’ll get through the business end first. And the Viewsonic PJ503D DLP projector is all business: it’s only 5.7 pounds and costs well under 500 dollars. At this weight (and price!) you can afford to take it with you on a moment’s notice. The 1500 Lumens brightness rating means (in layman’s terms) that you can showcase your material, even with the lights on in a room. It is capable of 800×600 screen resolution, and can convert regular definition and HD signals for viewing. The size and cost make this projector a perfect choice for a classroom installation.

Whew! I know what most people out there are thinking: “Workplace equipment is great, but bring on the HD stuff.” No problem. The BenQ W500 LCD Projector has a 720p native resolution, meaning you can display high definition content in 16:9 aspect ratio seamlessly. That includes (but is not limited to) those upcoming sporting events you’ve been dreaming about. And it can display those high definition signals on a viewable area up to 300 inches diagonal. You can connect the W500 with anything from S-Video to Composite connections, even HDMI. It also has a 5000:1 contrast ratio. You can even use it at work, should you be so inclined. If that doesn’t have you psyched, watch the video review below.

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